CEO Message

한국의 미를 세계에
알릴 수 있도록 최선
노력을 다하겠습니다.

I am Kwon Tae-gyun, CEO of Bio-N Tech Co., Ltd.

Since it began to supply cosmetics ingredients in 1992, our company has registered growth while expanding our business operations into research and development. In the cosmetics market that registers a lifecycle which is shortest in all the industries, we use our creative and challenging spirit to endlessly develop and discover excellent ingredients and provide them to customers.

Lately, Korean cosmetics has gone beyond Asia and registered a rapid growth while riveting the whole world.

The reasons include,
First, Korean consumers’ great interest in beauty,
Second, the passions and efforts demonstrated by the workers in the cosmetics industry,
Third. the climatic diversity from four clear-cut seasons,
Last but not least, the influence of the Korean Wave such as Korean drama and K-Pop cannot be left out.

Our company joins the continuous growth of the Korean cosmetics industry and won’t spare our effort. through global partnerships, we share up-to-date cosmetic market trends and meet customer’s various requests with our extensive experience and innovative research. Our goal is to become the leader in the cosmetic industry by disrupting the status quo and making products not just “Made in Korea” but “Innovated in Korea”. Our cosmetics not only signify the beauty of women but represent the beauty of Korea.
Bio-N Tech promises to customers that the company will be their perpetual true partner of their success.

Thank you.